Cancer Doctors Want to Forbid Nutritional Supplements – Why?

An article I reviewed today advises cancer patients to stop using vitamin and mineral supplements when they have breast cancer. Their rationale is that it might cause cancer to recur. Rationale is a link to a Healthline article. Experts … Continue reading

Control Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

Will a good diet prevent Alzheimer’s?  Probably not!  Because our foods contain many products that allow Alzheimer’s to develop – or – they exacerbate conditions which make it worse.  Sugar, processed white flour, processed oils and milk products have all been shown to be factors … Continue reading

What if You Had a Checklist?

Checklists are created so that nothing critical is missed when performing an operation. A checklist is used for aircraft safety, clinical practice, civil litigation, public liability, professional diving and more. However, when was the last time you saw a checklist … Continue reading

Eight Nutrients That Your Immune System Must Have Daily

The immune system needs to be replenished often with the right kind and amount of nutrients. These nutrients are: ● Proteins ● Amino acids ● Antioxidants ● Essential amino acids ● Essential fatty acids ● Vitamins ● Minerals ● Enzymes … Continue reading