How Permanent is Permanent When Living in a Pandemic World?

We know that death and taxes are permanent parts of our lives. Change appears inevitable everywhere else. What seemed like permanent today is not tomorrow. For example, we were led to believe that COVID-19 vaccines were permanent – 95+% effective … Continue reading

World Immunity to COVID-19 May Be Closer Than We Think

Herd immunity against a specific disease is achieved when 70% of any population has contracted and immune to that disease. Epidemiologists define herd immunity is a population’s ability to resist further infection. Sweden and Germany report that world-wide herd immunity … Continue reading

Why COVID-19 Attacks the Elderly

Aging allows susceptibility to many diseases. We are normally protected by our immune system. A recent announcement made by the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that asymptomatic (people who have COVID-19 with no symptoms) cannot infect others. The next day … Continue reading