Red and Marilyn’s 52nd Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday, July 3rd, 1968 marked nearly the third year since I had met a very lovely, good looking, young blonde woman at my old high school’s B-team football game in Ingleside, Texas. The previous Sunday, I said, “I do” to … Continue reading

Potentially the Best Thing to Do While Quarantined!

Most of us spend time daily separated from our friends and families. The front line of defense against the coronavirus (medical professionals, first responders, security, military, food providers, and more) work nearly every day and come home to a restricted … Continue reading

Happiness in a Negative World

I was getting Easter baskets out of the storage closet recently. As I was moving my granddaughter’s desk, I noticed she had a small box (maybe 5 inches by 5 inches by and inch and a half tall). It said … Continue reading

Returning to Normal – Myth?

I spent three weeks on vacation recently. I returned home and expected everything would return to normal in just a day or two. It hasn’t. However, in pondering the return to normal, I decided that it may never happen. We … Continue reading

Like Tears in the Rain

I included the words in the title of this blog in my father’s eulogy.  I remembered those words from a 1982 movie, The Blade Runner.  Rutger Hauer played the part of replicant, Roy Batty.  During the last scene, as Roy … Continue reading