Did You Know that Small Bedroom Lights Can Harm Your Health?

Sleep is mandatory for good health. There is a healthy range of around seven to nine hours for adults. When you are outside that range – above or below – your long-term health can be impacted Power of Sleep and … Continue reading

Improve Your Health by Improving Your Sleep

Poor sleep can lead to health issues. The subconscious mind operates 24/7. It controls our breathing, metabolic and repair functions, dreams, and more. Disrupt the normal processes during sleep and the body will suffer a bit during the next day. … Continue reading

Obliterate Cold/Flu Bugs with these 6 Choices

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Quality Sleep is Critical for Great Health

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Waiting for a Stroke?

Blood pressure, the silent killer, is something all of us must track regularly. Why? Your ‘normal’ high blood pressure in the 120-139 range for systolic pressure increases your risk for stroke by 71% and for heart attack by 50% compared … Continue reading

You Could Be Dead Wrong?

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The Quality of Sleep Determines Your Health and Longevity

Sleep is interesting, in that everyone sleeps, but some benefit more from it than others. In the context of sleep and longevity, we must agree that the term, ‘sleep’, means quality sleep. Quality sleep means that you fall asleep reasonably … Continue reading