Fake News and Your Health

I stopped watching television news in 1987. I scan headlines daily but rarely read more than the opening paragraph. I believe that most news programs are politically driven to give the viewer/listener their opinion. Sometimes, the items selected for distribution … Continue reading

Maximize Learning While You Are Sleeping

One great way to learn something new is when your brain is in a relaxed, but aware state – the alpha state.  The normal state of your brain during waking hours is the beta state.  Beta brainwaves oscillate between 13 … Continue reading

Stress Beat Happiness Almost Every Time Because We Allow It To

Happiness extends our longevity. What can we do to improve our happiness? A few examples are: ● Don’t let others control your emotions ● Be grateful for what we have ● Maintain balance in life ● Have a positive attitude … Continue reading

A Better Lifestyle – Part Four of Four

500 Word Project – Day 297 5:17 p.m. 24OCT14 A Better Lifestyle – Part Four of Four The fourth leg of a better lifestyle is to reduce stress. Dr. Terry Wahls used meditation as part of her protocol. There are … Continue reading