A Common Over-The-Counter Supplement May Also Increase Longevity

Glucosamine is used by many to rebuild cartilage in worn-out or damaged joints. Two years ago, a BioMed Pharmacother (March 2018) study reported that glucosamine lowered the risk of cardiovascular death by over 20%. Glucosamine is an anti-inflammatory and has … Continue reading

Keys to Ideal Heart Health – Part 2 of 2

Four keys to ideal heart health discussed previously are:  not smoking, body mass index of 25 and under, physical activity per week and total cholesterol under 200.  I added my comments where I thought appropriate to agree or disagree with … Continue reading

Eating Less Can Lead to Living Longer and Healthier

Would you believe that starving can actually help you live longer and healthier? Maybe starving is a strong word. Many low-calorie diets fail. However, when you balance the nutritional content of a lower calorie diet, you end up with some … Continue reading