We Expected a Downward Shift in Life Expectancy Due to the Pandemic, Right?

Yes, the pandemic lowered the life expectancy in the United States. The latest Human Mortality Database (https://www.mortality.org/) shows a decrease in life expectancy of nearly two years for those born in 2020. https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n1343 shows a good graphic of the decline … Continue reading

Are Health Headlines Catering to Special Interests?

I write and publish articles daily. I look first in Google for ‘health headlines today’ and see what interests me. I look at over a dozen headlines before selecting a topic. Sometimes, I find nothing that is new and interesting. … Continue reading

Antibody Testing at Your Doctor’s Office for COVID-19

Two days ago, the FDA issued an emergency use authorizations (EUA) for SARS-CoV-2 virus antibodies. https://wb.md/3mUZLWE Antibody Antibodies are immunoglobulins – Y-shaped proteins made in plasma cells. The purpose of an antibody is to attack and neutralize foreign viral and … Continue reading

6 Things Must You Do to Add 10 Healthy Years to Your Life

Studies on longevity have concluded that it is very possible and even probable that correcting unhealthy lifestyle habits at the age of 50 can add at least 10 healthy years to your life expectancy. Six actions to improve health and … Continue reading

How Does NYC Coronavirus compare to the World?

An article I found today in The Week showed statistics from the New York City (NYC) Department of Health and Mental Hygiene about death rates in NYC. It reported that about half the coronavirus cases are found in adults under … Continue reading

10 Options to Improve Heart Health

In 1900, heart disease was the fourth leading cause of death. It accounted for less than ten percent of the deaths in the United States. Twenty years ago, heart disease was the number one cause of death and affects over … Continue reading

What You Do Every Day Determines Your Health

One large exercise study combined six smaller ones totaling more than 650,000 people from twenty-two to ninety-eight years of age. These people were followed closely for over ten years. On the average, the lifespan and quality of health of the … Continue reading