Let It Go! Before the End of the Pandemic

We have been quarantined or restricted from what used to be our normal lifestyle. It is frustrating and irritating at times. We get stressed, even being at home all day. Stress is a major cause of future disease. Release stress … Continue reading

Happiness in a Negative World

I was getting Easter baskets out of the storage closet recently. As I was moving my granddaughter’s desk, I noticed she had a small box (maybe 5 inches by 5 inches by and inch and a half tall). It said … Continue reading

Smile and Let It Go!

How often do you let things go? I mean those things that bounce around you daily. We are bombarded with stressful situations that seem unending. We hold the emotional baggage associated with those people and events and never let it … Continue reading

Obama and Trump Have One Common Effect

Eight years ago, when President Obama was elected to office there was a lot of cheering and angst. A portion of our population was extremely stressed out about their future. It didn’t agree with their personal political philosophy. It is … Continue reading

It’s Too Hard

I blogged yesterday about letting things (stresses) go – not holding on to a grudge, hatred, bitterness or some other type of resentment that was caused by another person or event. I will tell you from a first-hand perspective that … Continue reading

How Long Do You Hang On

My recent hike of the Camino de Santiago was my “Let It Go” tour. I started with this thought in mind before I arrived. I knew there would be a lot of unknowns facing us for the next four or … Continue reading

A Better Lifestyle – Part Four of Four

500 Word Project – Day 297 5:17 p.m. 24OCT14 A Better Lifestyle – Part Four of Four The fourth leg of a better lifestyle is to reduce stress. Dr. Terry Wahls used meditation as part of her protocol. There are … Continue reading