The Unrecognized Epidemic Affecting Millions

Autoimmune disorders or disease is a term for many (over 100) conditions that affect more than 23 million Americans. The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) has identified over 50 million Americans with an autoimmune disease. The rise in autoimmune … Continue reading

Most Causes of Disease Are Controllable

Low-level chronic inflammation is the cause of 90 percent of disease. A leaky gut can be the genesis of many autoimmune diseases when your immune system is weak and your ENS (enteric nervous system) is compromised. The symptoms of each … Continue reading

Gluten Should Be Avoided for Good Health

Zonulin is the protein that opens tiny holes in the intestinal track for the processed nutrients to enter the bloodstream. This is the normal process to get the nutrients from the foods you eat into your body. Gluten (from wheat) … Continue reading

Hybridizing Good Health Toward Disease

Many decades ago, there were eighty or more different types of wheat. Today those eighty types of wheat have been engineered down to five types. They are extremely high in gluten. There were no human or animal tests done during … Continue reading