Most Vegans are Deficient in These Nutrients

Vegans can enjoy a healthy diet but need to know the sources of the nutrients they need daily. I talked with a new business acquaintance, and he mentioned that he had been meatless for six years. I asked him a … Continue reading

When Will We Ever Learn to Stop Making Poor Decisions?

In 1592, Shakespeare dramatized the Battle of Bosworth Field in Richard III (Act 4 Scene 4) and portrayed King Richard III on his horse bogged in a mud pit, unable to move. King Richard shouted, “A Horse! A Horse! My … Continue reading

Maybe a Mentor Will Help You Grow in 2018?

Mentors are experienced and trusted advisors.  Mentors are trusted counselors and coaches.  Mentors convey knowledge.  Mentors are ethical. Mentors are not supervisors.  Mentors do not fund projects. Mentors do not oversee your work.  Mentors do not have to be famous. Mentors can be … Continue reading

What If You Could Win Every Lottery?

What if you could win every lottery? What if you developed a system that could predict the future? What if this system also allowed you to determine the winner of the World Series, Super Bowl, etc.? Very few of us … Continue reading

Hope Is Not a Plan

Henrietta Lange said that “Hope is not a plan.” on the television show NCIS. That phrase stuck with me. It applied to one the missions they were conducting at the time. But, for many of us, hope is our plan. … Continue reading

Amateur or Pro?

Amateurs do things till they get it right. Professionals do it until they can’t get it wrong. We are in control of our health. We make daily choices regarding food, exercise, stress management, etc. Do we occasionally make good decisions? … Continue reading

Instant Wisdom is the Way to Go

We experience many things in life. We make mistakes and should learn from them. However, do we ever seek knowledge in advance? I think so, sometimes. I check Google and YouTube often to solve some temporary problem that I’m facing … Continue reading

Does Everything Go Downhill As You Age?

I was listening to a religious radio station (EWTN) today. It talked about people increasing their spirituality as they age. Is spirituality the only that can improve with age? Physically we know that as we age we are not able … Continue reading