I Missed the Change in Wind Direction – Pandemic Booster Shots Not Needed?

Since the first month of the vaccine rollout, there have been nearly weekly articles about the need for a vaccine booster. Scientists did not know how long the vaccine protection would last, but we needed to be ready early as … Continue reading

A Quick Review of 13 Pandemic Vaccines Used Around the World

Do you wonder what other countries are doing to protect their citizens from COVID-19? I have. I knew that a couple of other vaccines were being distributed, but I had no idea 13 were approved and used. Vaccines Summary https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/global-covid-19-vaccine-summary-side-effects\. … Continue reading

Completed Vaccinations – How Long Should Precautions Be Maintained?

Every day many people are completing their second COVID-19 vaccination. It took around 30 days to complete the two-shot series. Now what? When are you safe? Safety Takes Time https://www.healthline.com/health-news/im-fully-vaccinated-is-it-safe-to-socialize-again Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two shots approximately one month … Continue reading

The Times They Are a Changin’, for Better or Worse?

Bob Dylan’s famous hit song in 1964 was The Times They Are A Changin’. The ‘60s was a time for changing, protesting, and demanding. Whether it was civil rights, the war in Vietnam, women’s rights, or whatever, the battle cry … Continue reading

J&J Vaccine be Available to the Public in 30 Days?

Johnson and Johnson announced its single-shot coronavirus vaccine status today. Moderna and Pfizer have FDA’s emergency use authorization for its vaccines now in use in the United States. J&J would become the third vaccine available to the public, but when? … Continue reading