Mindset – The Unbelievable Difference Maker Between 2020 and 2021

Our minds can help us or prevent us from doing just about anything. What we focus on we become. That quote, or the gist of that quote, has been used by great minds to plow their courses through many unbelievable … Continue reading

Priorities, ‘To Do’ Lists, and No Regerts

  In 2016, the Mars company sponsored a great commercial. A tattoo artist is distracted by simultaneously eating a Milky Way candy bar and tattooing a man’s arm. The tattoo should have read, No Regrets. But, it didn’t. It read, … Continue reading

Do You Use a Health Checklist

How often do we use a checklist? Any flying requires checklists. There is a checklist before taxiing an airplane, a checklist to take off, a checklist to land, and a checklist for emergencies. Emergencies are a unique situation. You memorize … Continue reading

Will You Have Regerts?

There is a television commercial sponsored by Milky Way. A tattoo artist is distracted by a Milky Way candy bar while tattooing a man’s arm. The tattoo should say, No Regrets. But, it says, No Regerts. We get distracted by … Continue reading

What is Your Mission Impossible for 2017?

Most of us make New Years Resolutions. We make the same or similar resolutions each year. There are many reasons why we are not successful. Each of us is different and one cure will not serve all the same way. … Continue reading

Easy To Do – Easy Not To Do – Results in Success or Failure

My mind wanders a lot when I drive, walk or run. I solve many problems by stating a problem to myself and allowing my subconscious mind to solve it. This morning during my training walk for the Camino de Santiago, … Continue reading