Fasting Diets versus Counting Calories to Lose Weight Which One is Best?

Fasting and diets need a bit of clarification before considering fasting as a method of weight loss. I do extended fasts monthly – 72 hours minimally up to and occasionally exceeding 150 hours. I do not fast to lose weight. … Continue reading

Pandemic Vaccine Suspended in 16 European Countries

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been put on hold in Europe and other countries. Germany is the latest country to halt the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine. The Problem A few dozen people have developed blood clots out of over 17 … Continue reading

Current Status of World’s Former Worst Hotspot for COVID-19

Not long ago, Italy was in the news daily with horrendous reports of mass deaths and despair. At that time, it was declared the world’s worst hotspot for COVID-19. What is happening today in a country with over 50 million … Continue reading

COVID-19 Symptoms Hardly Seen in Young People

The Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento, Italy coordinated a study assessing COVID-19 symptoms and age. As expected, young people rarely exhibit symptoms compared to older people. Please note the differences between COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 is the coronavirus disease, official … Continue reading

A Quick COVID-19 Update for Italy

Italy has a population of 60 million. Two months ago, Italy was at its peak of bad news for coronavirus. Italy has shown remarkable progress addressing COVID-19 in the past sixty days. Italy has had over 230,000 cases of COVID-19 … Continue reading

COVID-19 New Cases vs Hospitalizations

On May 2, 2020, there was a headline that caught my attention from the ( that stated, Texas Tops 1,000 new cases for the third straight day. Is that really a story or not is what I thought immediately? … Continue reading

COVID-19 Coming Back Soon?

One of the charts we do not see when talking about COVID-19 is the number of recoveries versus the number of new cases. I think that is a critical indicator of the effectiveness of the constraints placed on populations around … Continue reading

Coronavirus Deaths Compared to Other Causes of Death Worldwide

We see and feel coronavirus impacting our lives daily. For a few, it is a vacation. For some, it is a hardship. For most of us, it is inconvenient. The daily number of deaths reached a peak on April 7th … Continue reading

Wrong Numbers Being Reported on Coronavirus?

The media loves to report doom, gloom, fear, and panic. And, people react to it. It sells. When you get a steady diet of fear and panic day after day, many of us tend to tune out. I see a … Continue reading

How Does NYC Coronavirus compare to the World?

An article I found today in The Week showed statistics from the New York City (NYC) Department of Health and Mental Hygiene about death rates in NYC. It reported that about half the coronavirus cases are found in adults under … Continue reading