Embrace the Suck for 2019 to Improve

pixabay photo I recently watched a YouTube video by Navy Seal David Goggins called, Embrace the Suck!!! It’s a 10-minute video and worth your time. Did you ever stop and think about why we never shift from our comfort zones … Continue reading

We Have The Technology

The Golden Globes are on television in the background right now as I’m writing this blog. I can barely hear it, which is good for my concentration. It has me wondering a bit though. We (various groups within the United … Continue reading

Blog Review of Book Carli Lloyd, When Nobody Was Watching

I read four or more different types of books at the same time. I finished two last night (Code Warriors, NSA’s Codebreakers by Stephen Budiansky and Carli Lloyd When Nobody Was Watching). Reading how successful people from all disciplines decided … Continue reading

Health – Your Final Frontier?

I just finished a three-day conference to improve my business. I learned a lot. Actually, I learned (and able to put into action) more things than I thought I would. It exceeded my expectations. How often do we take time … Continue reading