A Biomarker Can Predict Lethality Early Enough to Act

Two patients of, same age, same gender, same health conditions can have two different outcomes, especially with COVID-19. What tests could be given to determine which one is in more danger of death or recovery? To date, there are not … Continue reading

Survived the Virus – Now What?

I was blessed recently to have contracted the pandemic virus and survived with very mild symptoms – cough and fatigue. My wife and I received monoclonal antibody treatment quickly, and the recovery was complete in about ten days or so. … Continue reading

Which is Better for Your Health Hot or Cold Showers?

I bet most people are like me – they do not like nor take cold showers. I can stand cool water on very few occasions, but not cold. However, there are many health benefits to taking a cold shower. Cold … Continue reading

You Are What You Eat, and So is Your Immune System

In the pandemic world, our immune system can mean the difference between being hospitalized or not. Many people caught coronavirus and never had any symptoms. Scientists conclude that the immune system is primarily responsible for the severity of coronavirus and … Continue reading

How Soon Before We Cross the Line of Herd Immunity?

Over one-half of the citizens of England have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Is the United States almost there? Does that mean herd immunity is around the corner, or is there no visible light at the … Continue reading

Is Immunity from Infection Better Than Vaccination?

Does our immune system function longer by having a vaccination or from having a disease? Both options provide information to our immune systems to recognize and quickly respond the next time the foreign invader shows up. However, which lasts longer? … Continue reading

New Vaccine Model Has Amazing Results

This pandemic has caused upheavals in the process of developing drugs to counter the coronavirus. Vaccines have been developed in record time. Old drugs are being studied because they demonstrated a way to stop some aspect of the transmission or … Continue reading

The Common Cold Offers Safety from Coronavirus

A few months ago, there were a couple of studies published in Europe about the speculation that common colds caused by coronavirus could offer protection against the SARS-Co-V-2 virus that causes COVID-19. I wrote about them at that time. Further … Continue reading

What Do We Know Today About Coronavirus Immunity

How long is the acquired immunity from being infected with the coronavirus? If I caught the virus two months ago, when should I start to worry about reinfection? Two great questions! Immunity Our bodies make memory cells that assist our … Continue reading

The Wild & Wacky World Of Immune Protection

All of us have heard that we need a strong immune system to fight off disease, especially with the COVID-19 virus around every corner. What does the immune system do? Immune System General The immune system is extremely complex and … Continue reading