2020 Will Be Exactly the Same as 2019 Unless…

Navy Seal David Goggins has a YouTube video called Embrace the Suck!!! 10 minutes is worth your time. We never shift from our comfort zones from year to year. Is 2020 going to look a lot like 2019, and 2018, … Continue reading

The Health U-Turn Most Taken

How many times have you decided to improve your health? You started eating better, buying healthier foods, exercising more, and even stressing less. You were unable to maintain that path very long. You made an unintended U-Turn on your health … Continue reading

If Change Were Easy, Everyone Would Succeed

It seems that some changes happen easily, ¬†Other times, change is quite difficult to achieve. Even when we know the change is good for us, there is difficulty; and, many times, no change acquired. How is it that we can … Continue reading