You Are What You Eat, and So is Your Immune System

In the pandemic world, our immune system can mean the difference between being hospitalized or not. Many people caught coronavirus and never had any symptoms. Scientists conclude that the immune system is primarily responsible for the severity of coronavirus and … Continue reading

Can Aspirin Save Your Life When You Are Hospitalized with the Virus?

Many people take a low-dosage aspirin because they had a heart attack or stroke. Aspirin is a blood thinner and reduces clotting. Doctors recommend aspirin for their patients with coronary artery disease, especially those having received stents. Aspirin Lately, … Continue reading

Prevention Possible for Coronavirus Respiratory Damage

Our bodies can recover from many maladies given time and a healthy immune system. Israel has been working for years on mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) to repair and reverse the effects of various diseases. Israeli Study The Israeli company, … Continue reading

A Third Natural Option to Boost Your Immunity

Cistanche Herba, the dried stem of Cistanche deserticola, is highly valued by traditional Chinese medicine for a variety of health issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought increased attention to boosting the effectiveness of our immune systems. Cistanche has a proven … Continue reading

A Second Natural Option to Improve Your Immune System

Our immune systems degrade as we grow older. Immunosenescence is the term that describes this process. There are things you can do to boost your immune system back into the effective range. Reishi mushrooms boost our immune system’s effectiveness. Reishi … Continue reading

One Natural Method to Improve the Immune Function

Immunosenescence is associated with aging. The immune system does not function effectively. Researchers do not believe it is aging that causes the decline in immune effectiveness, but probably our long-term lifestyle choices – smoking, obesity, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, stress, … Continue reading

Why COVID-19 Attacks the Elderly

Aging allows susceptibility to many diseases. We are normally protected by our immune system. A recent announcement made by the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that asymptomatic (people who have COVID-19 with no symptoms) cannot infect others. The next day … Continue reading

This Natural Food Stops Stress

Why not choose foods that are nutritional and can reduce the risk of disease? We need stress in our lives. We don’t need an overabundance of it. Stress can kill. Many studies show how stress increases the risk of various diseases, … Continue reading

The Aging Immune System – Three Options!

Recent research into immune system senescence (deterioration with age) has revealed that there are some controllable aspects of a failing immune system as we age. The immune system starts to lose control over the: ● Bone marrow production of white blood … Continue reading