The Value of Diets versus Lifestyles for Long-Term Health

A health headline in today’s news captured my attention. It stated, “Intermittent fasting sheds more weight, but Mediterranean still healthier overall, study claims.” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study of diets and concluded that IF (intermittent fasting) … Continue reading

Forgetting Things Lately – Getting Worse?

What are the things you should do and not do on a regular basis to achieve and maintain great brain health? Research indicates that the following items (not a total list – just found out about L-Theanine in an article this week … Continue reading

Are You Ever Too Old To Make Changes In Your Life?

Most of us want to live a healthy and long live. We have made errors and think that it might be too late to make effective changes in our lives. If you do what you always did, you will get … Continue reading

A Simple Solution to Disease and Longevity

We know that fasting increases HGH (human growth hormone) which leads to increased longevity. Fasting normalizes many of the body’s hormone levels (insulin, leptin, ghrelin) and lowers oxidative stress. Animal studies show that intermittent fasting increases longevity. There have not … Continue reading