Finally Became a Pilgrim

One Day 1, Marilyn and I never saw another pilgrim (hiker on the Camino de Santiago). We had chosen the lower route into Roncesvalles on Day 1.  The search for two missing United Kingdom hikers the month before on the … Continue reading

Would I Do It Again?

When I returned I expected lots of questions about the Camino de Santiago. People want to know why we did it, how hard it was, etc. One question that comes up more frequently that I expected was – Would you … Continue reading

It Started Out Well, But (Part 3)

We had been walking in the forest for the last several hours.  Every step was agonizing.  Our feet hurt, especially our ankles. I left Marilyn at a rest area along the highway and started walking to Roncesvalles.  After a hundred … Continue reading

It All Started Out Well, But (Part 2)

Just when we thought the Camino Frances was pretty easy, reality hit – hard! I didn’t know our progress at that point in time, but we seemed to be making about four kilometers an hour until we hit the mountain … Continue reading

It Started Out Well, But… (Part 1)

We left the United States on a military charter and landed in Rota, Spain seven hours later. After getting out passports stamped at the local police station in town, we took a taxi to the bus station and a bus … Continue reading

When Was The Last Time You…

When was the last time you did something you have never done before in your life? Bungee jumping, zip-line, walking on hot coals, parachuting, white-water rafting, riding along in a police car, starting a fire without matches – you get … Continue reading

If You Had the Money and the Time, Would You?

My wife and I just finished walking the Camino Frances – it is one of the Camino de Santiago treks that starts in southwestern France in a city called St. Jean de Pied Port and ends in Santiago de Compostella, … Continue reading