Avoid These 5 Places Where Coronavirus Infections Happen the Most

How many times are we told to avoid certain places because the risk of becoming infected from coronavirus is high? A recent list was created from over 400 doctors that identified places where 80% of new COVID-19 cases believed they … Continue reading

How Many Really Die From COVID-19?

An official in San Diego reported this week that only six people died from ‘pure’ COVID-19. Those six had no pre-existing conditions. San Diego county’s death toll from COVID-19 is 194 as of las.t Thursday. San Diego’s population is 3,300,000 … Continue reading

Not All Pandemics Are Treated Alike

I read an article recently about the killer pandemic of 1969. It compared the Hong Kong H3N2 pandemic to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Twenty-four-news was non-existent in the late ‘60s. However, little news was published about it. We hear daily … Continue reading

Sweden’s Approach to Coronavirus – Right or Wrong?

Sweden has a unique approach to coronavirus. They have not shut the country down, as nearly every other country in the world has. There is a lot of controversy in Sweden among virologists and government. Regardless, if you want to … Continue reading