Improve Mental Health and More from This Super-Simple Daily Exercise

Walking daily increases cardiovascular improvement while improving the quality of sleep and mental health. There are many benefits of a super-simple exercise. There is no requirement to sweat or purchase special equipment. Some people might prefer to invest in walking/running … Continue reading

Diet Drinks and Heart Issues

Many of us believe that diet drinks are safe and healthy. There have been articles over the years telling us that diet ingredients can cause health problems and then a year later another story tells us otherwise. Aspartame (Sugar Substitute) … Continue reading

Are You Self-medicating Because You Think it Will Help?

Nearly thirty million people take aspirin daily to prevent heart problems. Six million of them take aspirin without medical awareness or advice. Self-medication is medicating oneself without the advice of a physician. Do we need to see a physician to … Continue reading

Are You Taking This Deadly Drug?

One out of four people over 55 years of age are taking statin drugs. At one point in time, some doctors wanted statin drugs to put into our water supplies (like fluoride). Statin drugs are prescribed for high cholesterol. All … Continue reading