Ten Ways to Lose Weight After Gorging at Holiday Parties

strecosa / Pixabay Many of us go to parties over the holidays. I have six scheduled in seven days leading up to Christmas this year. We tend to eat freely when there is a lot of food options. We want … Continue reading

6 Ways One Simple Compound Can Extend Longevity

Healthy living requires the right foods NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) occurs in every cell in our bodies. The aging process is natural. We gradually lose the ability to make the enzymes, hormones, amino acids, etc. that we used to make … Continue reading

72-Hour Fast Encourages Immune System Reset

The University of Southern California recently discovered that extended periods of fasting have significant improvement in bodies, most remarkedly in our immune systems. For healthy aging, this breakthrough allows further options to bolster longevity free from typical age-related diseases. Our … Continue reading

Looking and Feeling Younger Means Eating Less & Less Often

Declining human growth hormone (HGH) is one cause of aging. We produce a lot of HGH after we are born, and, each year as we grow we¬†produce less and less. As HGH levels diminish, the level of human aging or … Continue reading

You Are Either Growing or Decaying

Have you ever wondered why so many elderly people seem to be frail and unable to do much compared to their earlier lives? Are we destined to follow their examples? Aging is guaranteed, followed shortly thereafter by death. Can you … Continue reading