Health Headlines – Real Alarms, Myths, or Something in Between

I noticed a couple of headlines today about European Coronavirus Cases skyrocketing. Are the numbers being reported something that we should make major changes to our economies? Are they scare tactics? Are they real? The numbers are real, but the … Continue reading

Two things to slow down the aging process and enjoy life

There is a great life lesson learned in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s play, Mephistopheles. The devil told Faust to seek a life of moderation, stop being lazy, exercise regularly and avoid unhealthy foods. Not bad advice for the Middle Ages. … Continue reading

Are You Planning Ahead Smartly?

What happens when you suboptimize anything in your life? Other areas of your life suffer. Maybe not to a major extent, but over time, degradation appears. If you spend two hours a day working out and ten hours of your … Continue reading

Does Technology Help or Hinder You?

I was thinking the other day about how things have changed because of technological improvements.  I was a fortunate kid because we had a television in our home in the early 50’s (yes that dates me a bit).  In order to … Continue reading

Is Your Mindset Your Problem?

The first question to answer is, What is a mindset? It means different things to different people. The most commonly understood definition is that a mindset is a set of assumptions held by a person. These assumptions are the sum … Continue reading