Removing State Mandate for Face Masks – Good Idea or Not?

Yesterday, the governor of Texas announced the removal of the state mandate for wearing face masks starting on March 10, 2021. He delegated that responsibility to business owners. It is the decision of the business owner to require face masks. … Continue reading

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later COVID19 Thinking?

Why do some states relax restrictions on bars and restaurants and other states do not? I live in Texas, near Houston. Yesterday, the governor ordered a halt to elective surgeries to ensure adequate space of new COVID-19 patients. All other … Continue reading

Too Much COVID-19 Testing Bad for America?

Daily, we hear of this state or that city recording record numbers of new COVID-19 cases. We are never told the commensurate numbers of new hospitalizations or daily deaths attributed to COVID-19 though. Now, there is a media shift from … Continue reading