Are You Aware of the Symptoms and Options for Crohn’s Disease?

Crohn’s disease (CD) has grown from just under two million people to over three million in less than twenty years. It is an autoimmune disease of the intestinal system and can affect your skin, joints, bones, eyes, kidneys, and liver. … Continue reading

What I Did Not Know About Bell’s Palsy Startled Me

I visited a neighbor yesterday and discovered that she had Bell’s Palsy. It is not a complex disease to diagnose. On the way home, my wife asked me several questions about Bell’s Palsy (BP) and could not answer any of … Continue reading

Virus Test that Accurate?

Six million Americans have had COVID-19. Almost three-and-a-half million have recovered. Sixty-one thousand people have severe symptoms. Three thousand people out of one million in the United States have the disease. One hundred eighty-four thousand have died from the virus. … Continue reading