The Important Thing?

I had the opportunity to watch the movie, Miracle, while working out on the treadmill this weekend. I had not seen this movie before, even though it’s been out since 2004. It is about the 1980 Olympics hockey team that … Continue reading

Choices Become Habits

I was listening to a CD of Zig Ziglar recently.  He was talking about being overweight.  He said for over 24 years he had weighed well over 200 lbs by choice – because he had never eaten any food accidentally.  We choose what … Continue reading

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later, You Will Pay One Way or the Other!

There are many pet peeves that I have. One is our education system. One would think that we should learn a lot more than we do about our health and wellness, but we are never exposed to it – or, … Continue reading