12 Vitamins Useful for Good Health

Americans are deficient in vitamins and minerals. Our foods do not supply the levels of nutrients they did one hundred years ago. Many of us do not cook and opt for a restaurant or fast food. There are over 30 … Continue reading

A Homocysteine Level Test Might Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

Amino acids are required for all proteins in your body.¬†Homocysteine is an amino acid that you produce in your body. Under normal conditions, it is completely converted into two other amino acids. This conversion is accomplished primarily by folic acid, … Continue reading

Are You Eating Foods That Will Cause You To Die Sooner?

A healthy body required balanced nutrition. Everything we eat, drink or think feeds or fights disease. Nutrition impacts the health of all the cells in our bodies. And, it impacts the length of our telomeres. Yet, most Americans are deficient … Continue reading