Want To Write a Book and Cannot Get Started?

I write and publish books, primarily for new authors. I got a chat message during a Zoom networking event this morning. One of the attendees wanted to connect with me after the Zoom meeting. We exchanged contact information and set … Continue reading

Coronavirus Still a Neurological Threat to Survivors?

I read headlines this morning that over 80% of the hospitalized COVID-19 patients experienced neurological symptoms. That caught my eye and I read further. The symptoms experienced were headaches, dizziness, impaired sense of taste, and smell. I thought these symptoms … Continue reading

Improve Your Health by Improving Your Sleep

Poor sleep can lead to health issues. The subconscious mind operates 24/7. It controls our breathing, metabolic and repair functions, dreams, and more. Disrupt the normal processes during sleep and the body will suffer a bit during the next day. … Continue reading

Coffee, Cancer and California

Today, a Los Angeles judge ruled coffee in California needs to be labeled as a potential cause of cancer. In 2010, a lawsuit was brought by the Council for Education and Research on Toxics against coffee roasters, distributors, and retailers. … Continue reading

Pushing Through or Enjoying Life?

I ran more in New Orleans than I have anywhere or anytime in my life.  I was running two to four races on Saturdays and Sundays, plus the Wednesday afternoon Audubon Park run, plus an occasional Friday night run – plus all … Continue reading

Motivation – An Emotional Twist That Succeeds

Most of us know that motivation is internally generated. Yes, there are some external factors that can enhance or improve your motivation, but mostly, motivation is internally driven. Motivation activates our behavior and guides us to a destination. It keeps … Continue reading

21 Tips for More Happiness in Your Life

1.  Desire to be happy.  Expect to be happy. The verbs desire and expect talk to your subconscious mind. Wants and needs talk to your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind controls your life. 2.  Make smiling a habit. It is … Continue reading

The Great American Hoax, Red’s Personal Manifesto

We have a problem of nearly infinite proportions in our country. It is termed health care. However, our medical institution and the accompanying pharmacology industry are not treating health in a caring way. They are solving medical problems that are … Continue reading