The Impossible Made Possible

Circa 1983, I had been chatting with my P3 ASW crew on the way back to the States from our deployment. Sensor Station One asked about having his reenlistment done with our crew on top a Soviet submarine. I thought … Continue reading

Minus Five Minute Ready Alert Launch

A more modern version of the ships we used to identify during the Vietnam War. It was 1972 and we were flying ten days out of Cubi Point, PI, ten days out of Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam, and ten days … Continue reading

The Airplane That Could Not Turn Right!

The year was 1972.  I was flying a patrol mission (P3-A Orion aircraft) out of Subic Bay, Philippines.  Our mission that day was to provide MAD-VEC services to a Chinese Nationalist destroyer.  The United States and Taiwan were having an … Continue reading