The New Alzheimers Blood Test is Not for Everyone!

No single diagnostic test tells a physician that a patient has Alzheimer’s. However, medical histories can be taken, cognitive tests given, and other physical and neurological exams might hone in on dementia in general. Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Disease … Continue reading

Chemical Imbalance Cause Number Three for Alzheimer’s Disease

A deficiency in vitamin B12 mimics Alzheimer’s disease (AD). So many things can cause chemical imbalances in the brain – aging, disease, injury, stress, nutrition, sugar, and more. When everything is in balance, the brain works well. However, when too … Continue reading

Can Your Employer Legally Require You to Get a Pandemic Vaccine?

I am reading about companies wanting to require, legally require, their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. There are no legal statutes or challenges that give credence to this stance. Yet, companies are starting to inch in this direction. Legal? … Continue reading