Is a Ketogenic Diet Safe for Healthy Longevity?

Keto diets seem to be the rage nowadays. Some people have transition issues from a blood glucose-based energy system to relying on fat for energy. Regardless, some things about this type of diet – low carb and high fat/protein – … Continue reading

Control Blood Sugar and Extend Your Life

Blood sugar levels rise in response to the carbohydrates and sugars we eat. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas to control glucose levels. Glucose is stored as glycogen and used to fuel our bodies. Excess glucose is converted to triglycerides … Continue reading

What is Best Option to Lose Fat, not Muscle

There are dozens of diets to lose weight. Most of us want to lose our fat and not our muscles. Many of these diets shed pounds. Some produce yo-yo effects that are not desirable. Others use muscle mass to produce … Continue reading

8 Reasons Why Intermittent Fasting is Healthy

Intermittent fasting seems like a long journey between meals. Intermittent fasting requires fasting for twelve to eighteen hours between meals daily. I fast daily for at least sixteen hours. I just finished 87 hours of prolonged fasting. I drank only water, … Continue reading

Stress Cancels Weight Loss

Stress is part of our lives. It makes it difficult for most people to lose weight. They don’t even know they have a problem with stress and how it affects their ability to lose weight. There are several things you … Continue reading

One Option to Live Longer and Healthier

Today, I am well over half-way through a 40+ hour fast. Fasting increases animal longevity by 20-40%. It’s too early to tell if fasting extends human life. However, there are lots of testimonial data to support increased longevity and reduced … Continue reading

Storing Toxins Keeps You From Losing Weight

Toxins are almost impossible to escape in our society. They are in our foods, personal care products and the air we breathe. When your body is flooded with toxins, it is extremely difficult to lose weight. This overload condition forces … Continue reading

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later, You Will Pay One Way or the Other!

There are many pet peeves that I have. One is our education system. One would think that we should learn a lot more than we do about our health and wellness, but we are never exposed to it – or, … Continue reading

Silent Killer – Part 2 – Options

  Excessive glucose production over time creates a condition known as insulin resistance. Normally, insulin transports glucose molecules to receptors in muscle and other tissues. The muscles and tissues accept the glucose. All is normal. Any excess glucose not accepted … Continue reading

Brain Shrinkage Comes From Obesity, Diabetes, Smoking and Alcohol Abuse

Obesity is a known cause of brain shrinkage. Obesity and diabetes affect your brain similarly. However, the extra fat deposits in obese people create massive amounts of inflammatory cytokines (signaling molecules). These cytokines are believed to promote brain cell death … Continue reading