Three Keys to Excellent Heart Health

An article I read gave seven key tips for ideal heart health. My thoughts don’t often agree with the mainstream health industries. You or I could agree or disagree with most things that are written about health. It’s important to look … Continue reading

Have You Been High Lately?

High in this context is the high associated with high-intensity interval training HIIT). This concept was advanced by Hans Reindell and Woldemar Gersheler to help the German Olympians prepare for the 1936 Olympics. It is better-known today wind sprints or … Continue reading

Cardiovascular Improvement by Running and Sprinting

The Basics:  What are the quick essentials to improving your cardiovascular health? Running builds endurance, but it doesn’t build your cardiovascular health as well as sprinting. Sprinting challenges your heart muscles to accelerate to full activity and then relax.  By … Continue reading