The Health U-Turn Most Taken

How many times have you decided to improve your health? You started eating better, buying healthier foods, exercising more, and even stressing less. You were unable to maintain that path very long. You made an unintended U-Turn on your health … Continue reading

Wanting or Needing Doesn’t Guarantee Success

It’s getting that time of year again when New Year’s Resolutions are selected. They might be simple and things you have added to your list in the past – exercise more, eat healthier, lose weight, spend more time with the … Continue reading

“I Will” – Does Not Compute

I mentioned ‘sleep’ in yesterday’s blog. Sleep is necessary for us to fully recover from each day’s trials and tribulations. However, many of us don’t get the sleep we need each night. It varies for each one of us. Saying … Continue reading

Control of Your Actions is Within Your Control

Your conscious mind has no control over what you do. It might impact as much as five percent of the decisions you make, but no more than that. Your subconscious mind is in control of everything you do. Your subconscious … Continue reading