At What Level is Potentially Dangerous Really a Valid Concern?

Over 2,000 deaths have been recorded for the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines since the beginning of the year. Yet, every effort is being made to tell us that none of those deaths resulted from the vaccine. The coronavirus vaccines … Continue reading

Is It Possible to Cut Self-Quarantine in Half?

Have you ever wondered why 14 days was selected as the minimum time for self-quarantine? Most of the time, 50% of COVID-19 symptoms begin to appear around the fifth or sixth day. On a few occasions (9%), symptoms were delayed … Continue reading

1 Out of 3 E-Cigarette Users Report Lung Damage

Over 8 million Americans use, smoke, or vape e-cigarettes daily. Almost two and a half million Americans are suffering from health problems as a result. E-Cigarettes  An e-cigarette (an electronic nicotine delivery system – ENDS) heats a liquid that produces … Continue reading

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

Most of us remember that line from the movie, A Few Good Men. Lt. Weinberg was asking Colonel Jessup if he ordered the Code Red. After a bit of banter regarding answers versus truths, Colonel Jessep shouted, “You can’t handle … Continue reading