Disease – 6 Pathways You Must Know About

I use the word ‘stride’ as my reminder for each of the ways a disease starts in the body. Each letter stands for a different pathway. Our bodies fight off the invaders, but sometimes we allow things in our control … Continue reading

How to Ensure You Will Die Before 70

Statistically, if we make 70 years of age, we will make 80 years of age. Many of us won’t make it to 70 years old. Some of us over 70 years of age live their lives as if they were … Continue reading

Healthcare Planning Made Simple

Healthcare is not referring to insurance in this discussion. Healthcare consists of those lifestyle choices you make daily. Good decisions usually leave you better than bad ones. However, accidents, disease, and heredity can ruin your plans. What is the best … Continue reading

Epi-What and my Parents

Epigenetics is the study of the things that turn our genes on and off. Some of our genes (on our DNA) are intended to be on (activated) and some are intended to be off (dormant). We inherit our genes from … Continue reading