Your Answers to Everyday Questions Have Meaning and Power Than You Might Think

I was at a networking event tonight, and the topic of how we answer questions came into discussion. I opined that we often chose to answer questions – like, “How are you?” without thinking. Some say – Good. Others have … Continue reading

How To Write for People Who Want to Read?

I mentioned recently that I went to bed reading a book (Clavell’s Shogun) and read until my alarm went off in the morning to go to work. I had read all night long and never realized it. It captured me, … Continue reading

What Converts Boredom to Action?

The emotional states of the human mind can be viewed as a graph.  Label the left axis Challenges in life and the bottom axis as Skills required in life.  The four corner regions are Anxiety when your challenges are very high and … Continue reading

Laugh Out Loud – Lose Pounds and Inches

Two out of every three adults are overweight – that is no laughing matter.  However, what is a laughing matter is that laughter can help you lose weight.  Ridiculous you say!Did you hear the Roman who walked into a bar and held up two … Continue reading

How to Achieve Significant Behavioral Change?

Leading ‘change’ theorists tell us that all human behavior is motivated by either pain or pleasure. We want to avoid pain or we seek pleasure. In fact, most of us avoid pain compared to gaining pleasure. Other theorists include significant emotional events (SEE). … Continue reading

Are You Burned Out? What Can You Do?

Burnout is emotional exhaustion with a severely diminished interest in activities which used to entice or captivate you.  Most of the time ‘burnout’ is work-related.  Nonetheless, burnout can be personal, resulting from health, personal relationships, etc.  Companies desire healthy productive workers … Continue reading

Motivation – An Emotional Twist That Succeeds

Most of us know that motivation is internally generated. Yes, there are some external factors that can enhance or improve your motivation, but mostly, motivation is internally driven. Motivation activates our behavior and guides us to a destination. It keeps … Continue reading

Double-Edged Sword Part 2 of 3

A reader commented that my blog of yesterday (14JAN18) didn’t tell the rest of the story. What can be done to effectively use a double-edged sword to improve your future? For that, I apologize. Our subconscious mind can be a … Continue reading

Smiles Are a Powerful Tool To Make Your Life Richer

I’m sure that you see people all the time with genuine smiles.  It seems they can’t help but smile – it is part of their personality. I go out of my way to tell people who have genuine smiles that … Continue reading

Positively Half-Full or Totally Full

What do you say when someone asks you, “How are you doing?”  I always respond, “Excellent, as always!”  I say it loudly and emphatically.  Then, I ask how they are doing.  I rarely get a response that is equal to … Continue reading