How Stress Affects More Than Your Waistline

We have more receptors to store fat from cortisol, the stress hormone, around our bellies than anywhere else in our bodies. Cortisol loves to store fat. A little fat does not impact your health or longevity. A little bit more … Continue reading

Quarantine is Not What Happens to You!

Stress is compounded in people when they do not recognize that a stressor is affecting them. It is also a problem when they recognize they are stressed, and they will not let it go. It is not what happens to … Continue reading

What is Good Health Worth to You?

What is good health? Health, I believe is the combination of multiple factors – physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and social. We tend to think of health in only physical terms. Occasionally, mental health arises in our conversations. Many times, health … Continue reading

Does Everything Go Downhill As You Age?

I was listening to a religious radio station (EWTN) today. It talked about people increasing their spirituality as they age. Is spirituality the only that can improve with age? Physically we know that as we age we are not able … Continue reading

What is Your Answer to Balance in Your Life?

I routinely talk and write about balanced nutrition for good health. I was thinking about fitness and wellness yesterday. I don’t think there is a collective ‘balance’ term that encompasses both fitness and wellness. Fitness usually refers to the ability … Continue reading