Motivation – An Emotional Twist That Succeeds

Most of us know that motivation is internally generated. Yes, there are some external factors that can enhance or improve your motivation, but mostly, motivation is internally driven. Motivation activates our behavior and guides us to a destination. It keeps … Continue reading

Double-Edged Sword Part 3 of 3

Your subconscious mind is a double-edged sword when working towards success and failure. It can help you or hurt you. There are ways to wield the sword more on the success side. Your subconscious mind retains every event in your … Continue reading

Fear – Perception or Real?

In Shakespeare’s play, King Lear (4.1.32), The worst is not, so long as we can say, “This is the worst.”  How many times have you heard someone say that it can’t get any worse than this?  I know that I’ve … Continue reading

Controlling Stress Is Easier Than You Think

Stress is the genesis of 80% of more of all doctors’ visits. Stress can be the cause of heart attacks, high blood pressure, immune system decline, colds, flu, peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, stroke, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, herpes, depression, chronic … Continue reading

Using EFT to Overcome Writer’s Block

500 Word Project – Day 230 8:15 p.m.             19AUG14 In the course of yesterday’s posting and commenting in Facebook, a person asked about posting something more definitive on EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is a process, a free process … Continue reading

Weight Loss – EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques Work

  The Basics: – A very short summary of what’s important to know. 1.  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) works – it is also called ‘tapping‘. 2.  Tapping certain acupuncture points on your body eliminates emotional stress. 3.  EFT is free … Continue reading