Say It Aint So for All of 2022 and Beyond!

Weezer, in 1992, sang, “Say it ain’t so – your drug is a heartbreaker.” Our current pandemic has broken a lot of hearts – in many, many ways. Unfortunately, the vaccine drugs are Band-Aids that must be replaced much more … Continue reading

American Military Declining Vaccine Against a Disease with 99.7% Survival Rate, Surprising?

I was in the United States Navy for over 31 years and retired more than 20 years ago. I got an invitation to go to Vietnam at the beginning of my career and spent four-plus years on active duty. After … Continue reading

J&J Vaccine be Available to the Public in 30 Days?

Johnson and Johnson announced its single-shot coronavirus vaccine status today. Moderna and Pfizer have FDA’s emergency use authorization for its vaccines now in use in the United States. J&J would become the third vaccine available to the public, but when? … Continue reading

FDA Approved Coronavirus Home Test Kit Now a Reality

Home tests for coronavirus have been talked about for the last several months. The FDA recently approved an emergency use authorization for a coronavirus home test kit. Coronavirus Home Test Kit This coronavirus home test kit requires no prescription. … Continue reading

Second Coronavirus Vaccine Has Fantastic Results

A few days ago, Pfizer boasted that its coronavirus vaccine exceeded 90% effectiveness. Today, Moderna has a similar claim – 94.5% effectiveness for its COVID-19 vaccine. Moderna Announcement Clinical trials from several pharmaceutical companies around the world are coming … Continue reading

Pfizer Vaccine 90% Effective – What Does That Mean?

The big news today was that Pfizer announced that its COVID-19 vaccine is 90% effective. Is this 90% of all vaccinated do not get COVID-19? Does this include those with pre-existing conditions? Pfizer Announcement Pfizer is seeking emergency use … Continue reading