Are Health Headlines Catering to Special Interests?

I write and publish articles daily. I look first in Google for ‘health headlines today’ and see what interests me. I look at over a dozen headlines before selecting a topic. Sometimes, I find nothing that is new and interesting. … Continue reading

Green Tea Helps Brain Function in 3 Ways

The benefits of green tea include lowering the risk of heart disease, improved blood flow, losing weight, and reducing the risk of diabetes. Brain health and cognitive function improve through neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, and other neuroprotective effects. Neurogenesis Neuro means … Continue reading

Coronavirus Vaccination Program is Delaying Full Recovery

I believe the current rollout of the coronavirus vaccination program is not focused correctly. The CDC plan states, “Immunization with a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine is a critical component of the United States strategy to reduce COVID-19-related illnesses, hospitalizations, … Continue reading

COVID-19, Seasonal Influenza, and Allergies Symptoms Not the Same

Doctors treat symptoms, not causes of disease. Hence, it is critical to pay attention to your symptoms to receive the right treatment. COVID-19, seasonal influenza, and allergies have similar and different symptoms. What if you have a fever, cough, sneezing, … Continue reading

COVID-19 Symptoms Hardly Seen in Young People

The Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento, Italy coordinated a study assessing COVID-19 symptoms and age. As expected, young people rarely exhibit symptoms compared to older people. Please note the differences between COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 is the coronavirus disease, official … Continue reading

Quick COVID-19 Update on the United States

Today, June 7, 2020, the worldwide coronavirus case total was a bit over 7 million. The number of recoveries is half that number. The number of dead from COVID-19 is reported to be over 400K. The statistics show a remarkable … Continue reading

COVID-19 Estimates All Wrong?

COVID-19 data shows us that 25 to 80% of people have had the virus and experienced no symptoms.  There are too many things wrong with the statistics identifying the threat COVID-19 on our health. In early April, the Centers for … Continue reading

Quarantine is Not What Happens to You!

Stress is compounded in people when they do not recognize that a stressor is affecting them. It is also a problem when they recognize they are stressed, and they will not let it go. It is not what happens to … Continue reading

Why Do So Many Elderly Die of, with, or from COVID-19?

We hear about COVID-19 deaths taking a major toll on the elderly, especially those with multiple pre-existing conditions. Why are the elderly more susceptible? Age? Multiple diseases? Other? We need to know the cause of so many elderly dying from … Continue reading

Not All Pandemics Are Treated Alike

I read an article recently about the killer pandemic of 1969. It compared the Hong Kong H3N2 pandemic to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Twenty-four-news was non-existent in the late ‘60s. However, little news was published about it. We hear daily … Continue reading