Are Two Doses of the Pandemic Vaccine Really Needed?

Some vaccines are effective with a single dose and last for years before needing a booster shot. Others, like anthrax, require multiple doses to establish baseline effectiveness against disease. I received three of the five doses of anthrax vaccine before … Continue reading

How Soon Before We Cross the Line of Herd Immunity?

Over one-half of the citizens of England have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Is the United States almost there? Does that mean herd immunity is around the corner, or is there no visible light at the … Continue reading

Continually Amazed How We Keep Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

The expression, shooting oneself in the foot, evolved from World War I. Today, the phrase’s meaning means to do something without intention that spoils a situation for yourself. How long have vaccine manufacturers known they would have to distribute two … Continue reading

What is Happening with the Seasonal Flu Season This Year?

We do not hear much about the seasonal flu this year. The same drive to get everyone inoculated with the flu vaccine is ever-present, but the headlines are missing. Did we ever have headlines about the thousands, tens of thousands … Continue reading

Second Coronavirus Vaccine Has Fantastic Results

A few days ago, Pfizer boasted that its coronavirus vaccine exceeded 90% effectiveness. Today, Moderna has a similar claim – 94.5% effectiveness for its COVID-19 vaccine. Moderna Announcement Clinical trials from several pharmaceutical companies around the world are coming … Continue reading

Coronavirus Infection Stopped by Antibody Treatments

Pfizer recently announced 90% effectiveness with their vaccine. Eli Lilly believes that antibody treatments will not be replaced by vaccines. Announcement The FDA granted Eli Lilly an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) this week. The pandemic needs to be treated … Continue reading

COVID-19 Vaccine Update (End of June 2020)

Vaccines are supposed to protect you before you are exposed to a specific virus. The vaccine trains your immune system to recognize and attack the virus upon encountering it. A vaccinated person is protected from the virus and cannot pass … Continue reading

Can Vitamin D3 Help You Fight COVID-19?

I have seen several articles over the past month about vitamin D3 (VD3) and COVID-19. Some say it helps to reduce the effects of the disease – you might get a less severe case. Others say it is worthless. Why … Continue reading