Are You Really in Control of Your Health?

A while back, before everyone was required to be under house arrest for this global pandemic, I was standing in line at my local burger joint, Whataburger. I will tell anyone upfront that I have been a fan of Whataburger … Continue reading

What You Should Never Ignore

Just a few years ago one of my brothers passed away from a stroke. The doctor told us that it was so massive that he was probably dead before he hit the floor. His body was alive, but the brain … Continue reading

When Should You Take Control of Your Own Health?

Beginning 2010, I wrote a blog about a woman who gave up on the medical community’s opinions and recommendations and took control of her own future health. She had been in a wheel chair for several years. She hated every day. … Continue reading

Amazing How Many Health Myths Remain Active

I had a conversation with a friend recently. She told me that her doctor told her to stay away from coconut oil. He claimed it was one of the worst, if not the worst, oil humans could eat. I remember … Continue reading

Prescription Drugs Might be Hazardous to Your Health

  All prescription drugs have side effects – none of them good. Vitamin E, fish oil, garlic and ginger thin our blood. Yet, warfarin, Xarelto, Savaysa, Pradaxa, and Eliquis are prescribed by your doctor to thin your blood. Why, because … Continue reading

Are You Really Ready to See Your Doctor?

I’ve always been curious why many diseases (symptoms) are caused by vitamin or mineral deficiency, yet many (almost all) doctors never address the issue of nutritional deficiency before dispensing prescription drugs. Maybe I’ve never been around the doctors or the … Continue reading

Who or What is Your Source?

We all have favorites. Some of us might like a particular football team or other sports team. Some of us prefer entertainers – music, film, television, etc. Some of us prefer to get our news from certain sources – television, … Continue reading