What Stops the Fat-Burning Process in Your Body?

You add a few years and a few pounds. Your clothes fit a little tighter. Soon, the new clothes you bought are also tight. You have been on a few diets that seem to work at times, but those several … Continue reading

Six Magic Pills for Weight Loss

Weight loss can be tricky on a good day. Carbohydrate absorption is an option to consider for weight loss. Eating excessive amounts of carbohydrates, particularly those with a high glycemic index, causes an insulin spike in the body. This increased … Continue reading

Your Gut Can be Your Demise in Many Ways

“We become what we eat” is attributed to Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1826 in his book, The Physiology of Taste. He actually said, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” However, we need to … Continue reading

Two Easy Things to Improve Your Health Today

Our health begins with the foods we eat. Nutritional absorption of food begins in your mouth. The amount of saliva you mix with your food before swallowing determines how much of that food will be absorbed later in your body. … Continue reading

Are PPIs Destroying Your Brain?

Stomach acid is required for our digestive system. Sometimes, this acid burns the inside lining of the esophagus, the tube connecting your mouth to your stomach. It is called heartburn or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). We can buy antacids (Tums, … Continue reading

Drink When It’s Right

You might be thinking about alcoholic drinks, but that’s not what I am referring to here. Most, if not all of us, drink with our meals. Liquid dilutes our stomach acid. It weakens our ability to digest food properly. We … Continue reading

Start Now for Better 2017

Continuing my theme of small things almost everyone can do to begin improving their health now before the beginning of 2017. Start a habit early and it will stay with you for all of 2017 and the rest of your … Continue reading

What Happens When You Don’t Have It?

Keeping in the vein of balanced nutrition from my previous blogs, what happens when you don’t have balance in the nutrients your body requires daily? The most common symptoms are fatigue, muscle cramps, overall weakness, brain fog, constipation, rashes, numbness … Continue reading

Foods Hurt Us More Than We Might Think

Longevity is affected by our digestive system.  Food sensitivities are food allergies are major health problems for a few of us. Typical food sensitivities are: ● Milk proteins (especially casein and lactalbumin) ● Chicken protein ● Wheat protein ● Soy … Continue reading

What is Your Gut Telling You?

Data is coming to the forefront on the relationship between the gut and the brain. Our gut contains about 80 percent of our immune system. It is also responsible for extracting the nutrients needed daily to make and keep us … Continue reading