The Bottom-Line #1 Defense Against the Common Cold

How effective have you been in treating the symptoms of a common cold? There are several causes of the common cold. There seems to be more and more solutions/medications to treat it. It is best to treat any disease on … Continue reading

Fear Can Be a Gift

Fear of public speaking is a well-recognized fear. Why? I have no idea. I’ve never had a fear of speaking to large or small groups. I spoke not long ago about fear. I told my audience that the Spartans trained … Continue reading

Are You On Offense or Defense with Your Health?

We hear the terms offense and defense used in many sports. Either you are on offense, or you are on defense. How would this apply to your health? If you are doing something to maintain and/or improve your health, I … Continue reading

Are You on Offense or Defense for Your Health?

The Strategic Offensive principle of war is that the best defense is a good offense. It applies to many other operations other than war. How would that apply to your health? The best defense for your health is the best … Continue reading