COVID-19 Weakening?

Several recent reports indicate that COVID-19 is weakening. Two reports this week indicate that COVID-19 might be weakening at an accelerating rate. Professor Massimo Clementi said that as SARS-CoV-2 ages, it becomes 100 times less virulent. Professor Clementi is the … Continue reading

Wrong Numbers Being Reported on Coronavirus?

The media loves to report doom, gloom, fear, and panic. And, people react to it. It sells. When you get a steady diet of fear and panic day after day, many of us tend to tune out. I see a … Continue reading

Are You Planning Ahead Smartly?

What happens when you suboptimize anything in your life? Other areas of your life suffer. Maybe not to a major extent, but over time, degradation appears. If you spend two hours a day working out and ten hours of your … Continue reading

Decaying or Growing Daily?

Ever wondered why so many elderly people seem to be frail. They appear unable to do much compared to their earlier lives? Are we destined to follow their examples? Aging is guaranteed, followed shortly thereafter by death. Can you make … Continue reading