Colleges Overly Cautious Actions Might Infect More People

A short article today – I had surgery on my right wrist today to remove a squamous cell carcinoma. I have mobility in my right hand, but not a lot due to the bandages. Throbbing is increasing and time in … Continue reading

COVID-19 Reporting Results I Cannot Believe

I have been downplaying the recent record numbers of new COVID-19 cases in several states. I keep asking why we see only the new case numbers but not the number of hospitalization or daily death numbers. Record numbers of new … Continue reading

Can Social Distancing Solve Coronavirus Spread?

I’ve been asked by several friends recently what my expectations were of ending the quarantine and getting back to work as it used to be. I am not a physician, nor do I work for any pharmaceutical companies. I am … Continue reading

When Will We Ever Learn to Stop Making Poor Decisions?

In 1592, Shakespeare dramatized the Battle of Bosworth Field in Richard III (Act 4 Scene 4) and portrayed King Richard III on his horse bogged in a mud pit, unable to move. King Richard shouted, “A Horse! A Horse! My … Continue reading

The Health U-Turn Most Taken

How many times have you decided to improve your health? You started eating better, buying healthier foods, exercising more, and even stressing less. You were unable to maintain that path very long. You made an unintended U-Turn on your health … Continue reading

Fear – Perception or Real?

In Shakespeare’s play, King Lear (4.1.32), The worst is not, so long as we can say, “This is the worst.”  How many times have you heard someone say that it can’t get any worse than this?  I know that I’ve … Continue reading

Easy to Do Can Lead to Failure

Jim Rohn is credited with saying, “Things that are easy to do are also easy not to do.” He said that the difference between doing and not doing is action. 2017 is almost over. At the end of 2016, how … Continue reading

Don’t Be in a Hurry to Die

We will all die. One of the two guarantees in life – that and taxes. However, some of us seem to be in a hurry to get there. Our lifestyle determines a lot about our future. Yes, genetics plays a … Continue reading

How Now Brown Cow

A friend of mine showed me an article yesterday indicating that 16% of American adults believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Why? Because we were told that by our parents. We believe things from authority figures in our lives. We … Continue reading

Amateur or Pro?

Amateurs do things till they get it right. Professionals do it until they can’t get it wrong. We are in control of our health. We make daily choices regarding food, exercise, stress management, etc. Do we occasionally make good decisions? … Continue reading