Before Starting Your Book, Do these 3 Marketing Actions

What happens when you wait to start marketing until your book is ready to be published? The answer is ‘Lost Opportunity.’ There are many aspects to marketing a book. Waiting until the last moment restricts your marketing program. Some might … Continue reading

FDA and WHO Conflicted on Coronavirus Drug

This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that Remdesivir is no longer recommended as a treatment for COVID-19. Rationale A panel of experts analyzed COVID-19 treatment results from four randomized trials covering over 7,000 hospitalized patients. They stated … Continue reading

To Test or Not to Test with this Test and maybe Retest later?

The FDA is advising people without COVID-19 symptoms to not use the quick tests typically used in doctors’ offices. Why? Because they may not be as accurate. And retesting might be required. The expense of retesting is also a reason … Continue reading

Antiviral Drug Effective Against COVID-19

Recent news about successful hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) treatments has been treated with disgust, disdain, and disbelief. Why? The stated reason is that there is no science to back up those claims. 350 out of 350 HCQ treatments without a recorded death … Continue reading

What is Good Health Worth to You?

What is good health? Health, I believe is the combination of multiple factors – physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and social. We tend to think of health in only physical terms. Occasionally, mental health arises in our conversations. Many times, health … Continue reading