Myth Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure?

Benjamin Franklin made this heading statement referencing fire safety. However, it is applicable to most anything. If you can prevent a bad thing from happening, it is worth it. But, what about our health. Our health and wellness economy lives … Continue reading

Who or What is Your Source?

We all have favorites. Some of us might like a particular football team or other sports team. Some of us prefer entertainers – music, film, television, etc. Some of us prefer to get our news from certain sources – television, … Continue reading

Prevention versus Correction – You Don’t Win in Today’s System

Health care after the fact is not the type of care we should desire. We should have a health care system that supports and maintains good health – prevents disease from being a health risk. Our health care system is … Continue reading

The Great American Hoax, Red’s Personal Manifesto

We have a problem of nearly infinite proportions in our country. It is termed health care. However, our medical institution and the accompanying pharmacology industry are not treating health in a caring way. They are solving medical problems that are … Continue reading