How Bad is It Here Compared to Everywhere Else?

The media tells us how bad it is in the United States daily. But, have you ever wondered how bad it is here and in other places? Would you believe there are places in the world where the survival rate … Continue reading

What Are Numbers, Anyway – Just a Measure of Something Important

Headlines thrive on bad news – the worse, the better. The Omicron variant is like a combined earthquake and tsunami combined inundated and shaking news desks across the country. When should we be concerned if there are 10,000 new daily … Continue reading

Is Sleep Apnea an Autoimmune Disease?

I saw a headline today about sleep apnea potentially being an autoimmune disease. It piqued my interest and caused me to dig deep into the test results to see more. However, after reading conclusions from several sources the results are … Continue reading

A Quick COVID-19 Update for Italy

Italy has a population of 60 million. Two months ago, Italy was at its peak of bad news for coronavirus. Italy has shown remarkable progress addressing COVID-19 in the past sixty days. Italy has had over 230,000 cases of COVID-19 … Continue reading

The Best Places to Live with a Global Pandemic

Last week BBC Travel identified the healthiest countries in the world based on each country’s ability to address the coronavirus pandemic. The reviewers started with 2019 The Legatum Prosperity Index which ranked 167 nations based on twelve factors. The healthiest … Continue reading