Identify More with MacGyver or Groundhog Day?

Movies and television shows mimic a portion of real life. It’s the exciting drama, espionage, adventure, action, romance, etc. that capture our attention. We don’t have it in our real world. We live outside the realm of the characters and … Continue reading

Are You Immune From Improving Your Life?

In the book, Alice in Wonderland, Alice is told that if you don’t know where you are going, any road will do.  That seems to be the norm for most of us.  We don’t have goals, therefore, any road will … Continue reading

Five Dictates to Master Health

I posted a saying the other day on Facebook. It said, just because it offends you doesn’t make you right. We tend to remember only what we have seen and learned from our birth. We don’t learn from history anymore. … Continue reading

Still Kissing Frogs?

We tend to think that you need to kiss a lot of frogs to find that right thing (person, job, etc.) in life. We think you need the experience of making mistakes and learning from them. Yet, do we ever … Continue reading

We Allow What We Fear

One of our many fears is to age. Mainly, getting old and not being able to take care of ourselves, or do those things we have done all our lives. It’s a bit insidious because it creeps up on us; … Continue reading